Home Test Kit for Analysing Menstrual Fluid

Menstrual Blood can be analysed and provides insights about the female body. I am developing a home test kit that menstruating people can use to test their menstrual blood for different parameters, such as iron or vitamin B12.

Hello from Berlin!

My name is Sabine and I work in the field of interaction and service design for medical products and healthcare services. I am currently founding in the field of FemTech. I created a comprehensive concept and product design for a home test kit to analyse your own menstrual blood.

At the moment I am looking for test persons who want to participate in a rapid user test with interview.

Furthermore, I am looking for investors, mentors, advisors and medical and technical partners who will implement this with me and I am generally looking for people who are interested in the topic.

I'm happy if we can connect.



Menstrual fluid can be tested regularly for different parameters.

At your home

The tests are done in the comfort of your own home.

Test Kit

The service includes a combination of hardware and software.


Support in taking care of your own health in a self-determined manner.

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Do you want to improve the health of menstruating people with me? Send me a messages and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
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